Despite Some Hiccups, EnviroCAB Delivers Satisfied Customers

Some EnviroCAB users have complained about the drivers not knowing basic routes. For example, a user had requested a ride from Arlington to Union Station, but the driver did not have any clue about how to get there. It was slightly nerve-wracking to watch the driver cluelessly fumble on the GPS, given that Union Station is as fundamental a D.C. landmark as you can find. Some users have also pointed out that although the driver arrived impeccably first when you request a ride from Arlington, the same is not the case when requesting a ride from other places. For example, a reviewer says that he had once booked a ride one day in advance from Tysons corner to Reagan International airport, but the cab didn’t show up on time. After waiting for some time, the customer called EnviroCAB to inquire about the delay, and to his surprise, was told that there were no cabs available in the area and wasn’t given a specific time frame of when one would come to pick him up. There have also been some complaints that sometimes drivers take the longer route to a destination despite the clients suggesting a shorter route.

Sometimes dispatchers are not keen when entering details, and this can result in the delay of a requested ride and sometimes causing the trip to have to be canceled. There have been some reports about EnviroCAB dispatchers being impolite, not apologizing, and refusing to accept fault when such a situation occurs. For example, after calling EnviroCAB when the cab doesn’t show up, people are often told by the dispatcher that the ride was canceled because the driver called, but nobody picked up. Sometimes, this can be true, and other times it is false, but the dispatcher still insists that the call was made.

All in all, most people agree that EnviroCAB’s decision to use hybrid vehicles for its operations was an essential move towards more environmentally friendly cabs. The company has set the pace for other cab companies and has been an inspiration for many ecologically friendly ideas by cab companies. Although there was a change in ownership to Veolia Transportation, the company’s underlying philosophy remained the same.